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The First Annual Imran Jaffer Memorial Soccer Tournament

The first Annual Imran Jaffer Memorial Soccer Tournament was held at Bayview Glen High School in Toronto on June 6.  Sixteen teams particiapted and a good time was enjoyed by all, as seen on the video link.  Imran Jaffer was a student in Geography's Urban Development Program.  The Imran Jaffer Foundation was formed to improve the quality of lives of youth by providing educational opportunities through scholarships to those who merit them as well as those in need, thereby contributing towards enrichment in the lives of youth - the leaders of tomorrow.  Funds generated by the Foundation will support a number of initiatives, including student awards and infrastructure/equipment needs within Western Geography.  All these undertakings will make a difference and have a lasting impact - much like the life of Imran Jaffer.  Chair of the Geography Department, Dr. Dan Shrubsole (on left), attended the tournament.  Thanks to all those who organized and supported the event, and who participated on a team.

Professor Chantelle Richmond-2015 recipient of the Canadian Association of Geographers Julian Szeicz Award

This award recognizes her       career potential by a Canadian   geographer at an early career stage, and her outstanding research achievements in the area of the geographies of          Indigenous Health, with a focus on applied Community Based Research and knowledge translation. Since becoming an independent researcher, her major research milestones include a prestigious CIHR New Investigator Award (2010-2015), and more recently, Dr. Richmond was the recipient of the highly competitive Early Researcher Award, Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation (2014-2019). Her achievement of these two major awards is congruent with her success rate on research grants. Since 2007, she has secured over $4.3M from Canadian Tri-Council Granting Agencies, Government Departments, and Non-profit organizations to collaborate with various First Nation communities and Aboriginal organizations. We congratulate Chantelle on being the 2015 recipient of the Canadian Association of Geographers Julian Szeicz Award, and wish her continuing success in the future [Read More].

Western University Geographer telling story about when giant lake covered London 13,000 years ago.

Western University`s Nati Bergman`s research on how the receding glaciers 13,000 years ago affected the landscape in the London region was profiled in  the London Fress Press [LINK].  A PhD candidate in the Department of Geography, Nati has concluded that glacial Lake London was drained in a few days through the breached moraines at Byron at a rate of flow in the area of 13,000 cubic metres per second - about five times the current flows of Niagara Falls. 

Western University's, Dr. Belinda Dodson a Visiting Scholar at Oxford's International Migration Institute

As part of her sabbatical, Dr. Belinda Dodson (Geography and Migration and Ethnic Relations) is currently a Visiting Fellow at Oxford’s International Migration Institute. She will be there for the Trinity Term (April-June 2015). She will be presenting a research seminar at the International Migration Institute on May 13th [LINK] and participating in a round table on xenophobia in South Africa for the South Africa Discussion Group of Oxford’s African Studies Centre on June 2nd. She will also be presenting a seminar at Sheffield University on May 26th  and has been invited to speak to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Africa Bureau about xenophobia.




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