Chantelle Richmond

Associate Professor
Cross Appointed with First Nations Studies & the Department of Family Medicine

Research Interests

 Chantelle Richmond, PhD, is an Anishinabe scholar from Pic River First Nation.  Her research is framed by community-based approaches that aim to understand how Indigenous heath is affected by processes of environmental dispossession.  Through this work, she seeks to aid in the preservation of Indigenous Knowledge and the implementation of strategies that may foster environmental repossession efforts in affected communities.   Chantelle is an Associate Professor at the University of Western Ontario, where she is Director of the Indigenous Health Lab, and Co-Director of the Indigenous Health and Well-Being Initiative.  Chantelle co-wrote and produced a 60 minute documentary “Gifts from the Elders,” which focused on the preservation of Indigenous Knowledge among Anishinabe communities on the north shore of Lake Superior.  Her research program is supported by a CIHR New Investigator Award and an Ontario Early Researcher Award. 

Publications (past 7 years)

Refereed Journals

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Chapters in Books

Richmond, C.A.M (Accepted). 'Indigenous Health.' In D.Richardson, The International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment, and Technology. (Wiley-Blackwell)

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  Documentary Film

Richmond, C.A.M. and Fortier, J.M. 2013 Gifts from the Elders 60 minutes Copyright: University of Western Ontario, London
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Supervised Graduate Students and Theses Titles

PhD Students StatusTitle
Cindy Graeme, Ph.D,  UWO Geography Current "Rekindling the Flame: An Exploration of the Relationship between Health, Place and Identity among young First Nations men in London, Ontario"
Faith Sekercioglu, Ph.D, UWO Geography Current "Identifying the Barriers and Opportunities for the Implementation of the Safe Drinking Water among Ontario's First Nation communities"

Meghan McMorris, Ph.D, UWO Geography

Current TBD
Joshua Tobias,

Ph.D, UWO Geography (co-supervised)

Complete "We are the Land": Researching Environmental Repossession with Anishinabe Elders"
Julie George, Ph.D Sociology (co-supervised)
Complete Intimate partner violence (IPV) and the social determinants of Aboriginal people's health: A case study of First Nation's women's resilience, resistance and renewal
MA Students StatusTitle
Kyla English,
MSc., UWO Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (co-supervised)
Complete Through the Eyes of Children: First Nations Children's Perceptions of Health
Kassandra Kulmann, MA, UWO Geography Complete "Examining Anishinabe youth perceptions of health and the environment: A qulaitative study"
Katie Big-Canoe, MA, UWO Geography Complete "Preserving traditional knowledge to improve health: knowledge translation with Anishinabe youth and elders"
Sara Finkelstein, MSc. UWO Health Sciences
Complete "Exploring Formal Dementia Care in the Aboriginal Community from South-western Ontario: A Grounded Theory Study"
Joshua Tobias, MA, UWO Geography
Complete "The Hepatitis B epidemic in Ghans's upper West: searching for policy alternatives"

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Chantelle Richmond

Courses Taught

GEO 2411G / FNS 2601G - Indigenous Environments

GEO 9116 - Indigenous Health